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2015-11-05 16:31:41
The Easy Way vs The Hard Way to Buy a Home

The Hard Way to Shop for a Home

You may be tempted to drive through neighborhoods, visit numerous open houses, and search random sites on the Internet looking for the 'right” home.

You may have even attempted to avoid real estate agents in the hopes of finding a home that is “For Sale By Owner.” You might have reasoned that you can buy the home cheaper because the Seller won’t have to pay a real estate commission. The problem, of course, is the Seller is trying to save that same commission. Only one can win that game!

Another common reason for avoiding a Realtor is you may have the preconceived idea that a real estate agent will pester you to death. The truth is, I am highly trained to listen to your needs. I will contact you only as often as you desire. I am paid only if your needs are clearly understood and met—and then only if the transaction comes to a successful close. 

My commission is paid by the seller at closing.  As a Realtor, I am not reimbursed for the auto expenses, time, or effort of home previewing and evaluation, assisting in finding an appropriate loan program, or the time it takes to counsel with you and determine what you really want and need. I am not paid for composing contracts and addends, negotiating, arranging inspections, order title insurance, home warranties, or solving transactional problems. I am only paid when you successfully purchase your home.

The hard way to shop for a home is to try to work with many agents at the same time or to avoid agents altogether.

The Easy Way to Shop for a Home

The easy way to shop for a home is to develop a working relationship with ONE real estate professional. Someone you like. Someone you trust. Someone you can have confidence in. 

I would like to be that person for you. By being your exclusive agent in your home search, I can give you my very best. After our initial consultation, I will have a good idea of your situation, what you want, and your established price range. You, in turn, will have an understanding of the home shopping process and my personal work ethic.

As a member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and through the use of our advanced data-base, I can instantly provide you with detailed information on any property that is listed for sale—even if it is listed by another agent or company. And, if you see any open houses, “For Sale” signs, or any listing on the Internet, simply call me. I can give you all the details and arrange a private showing. 

When I know you have determined to work exclusively with me, I give you all my time, energy, and focus to find the right home for you.  The surest way to receive the poorest service is to jump from agent to agent. As soon as a true professional discovers you are working with several agents, he/she assumes that you are not really serious and will not continue to spend the time, effort, auto expense, etc. required to give you the best possible service and attention.

Let me provide you with the outstanding service you need!

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