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2013-01-10 18:50:49
How to get your condo BYU Approved

How to get your condo approved for BYU off-campus housing


Provo, UT is home to 30,000 students attending Brigham Young University (BYU). These students are bound by an 'Honor Code,' which they must sign upon acceptance to the University. One of the codes is to live only in BYU Approved Housing while attending school. Therefore, when buying a Provo Condo for your single BYU student or as an investment property, it is valuable to be designated as BYU Approved Off-Campus Housing.


To qualify and remain as BYU Approved housing a condo owner must agree to the following policies:


  1. Separate single men from single women within the complex. No mixing within a single unit.
  2. Reasonably enforce BYU's 'Residential Living Standards.'
  3. Maintain the condo and/or complex in good repair.
  4. Prohibit 'Sex Offenders' from occupancy.
  5. Uphold basic tenant rights.


BYU Residential Living Standards that landlord's agree to enforce include:


    • Off-Campus Visiting Policies: a) Opposite sex visitors are not allowed into bedrooms; they are to remain in the living and kitchen areas only, b) opposite sex visitors should not use the bathroom areas unless it is an emergency or civility requires it, and then only if the safety, privacy, and sensitivity of the other residents is not jeopardized.


    • Off-Campus Visiting Hours for Single Students: a) Visitors hours are to begin after 9:00 AM, b) visiting hours are to end at 12:00 midnight on week days, Saturdays, and Sundays b) visiting hours may be extended until 1:30 AM on Friday nights. It is permissible for landlords to establish shorter visiting hours within the stated visiting windows.


    • Student Conduct Requirements: a) Student residents shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the BYU Honor Code, b) residents and visitors are to be prohibited from possessing, using, or serving alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, or harmful drugs, c) no involvement is allowed with gambling, indecent or erotic materials, obscene conduct or expressions, or disrupting the peace.


  • BYU Dress and Grooming Standards: a) attire must be modest and cover the midriff, b) shorts extend to the knee, c) graphics and wording on clothing are to be appropriate to LDS standards, d) men must wear shirts at all times in public areas, e) women are not to wear bikini, two-piece, or French-cut style of swimwear and tank tops must not expose bras or bra straps, and f) men's hair is to be cut above the ear and collar and no beards.


Approval Process for BYU Approved Housing Status:

1. Always remember that it is at BYU's sole discretion whether or not a Provo Condo will be accepted as BYU approved off-site housing. Condos must be renewed annually and prior approval does not guarantee future approval.

2. Your condo must be located within the BYU off-site housing approved boundaries.

3. Complete the 'New Condominium Owner Application.' This application may be obtained at the BYU Off-Campus Housing Office located on the BYU campus (C-141 ASB) in Provo or found on-line at the housing.byu.edu website.

4. You will need to read the BYU Housing Handbook and then take and pass an open-book exam consisting of 40 multiple choice questions.

5. Every new owner is required to meet in person or by phone an off-campus housing representative for an owner interview to review the BYU off-campus housing program.

6. A BYU off-campus housing inspector with conduct a final inspection of your condo and issue a 'Facility Certification.'

7. Because of the proliferation of illegal rental units in Provo, BYU requires you obtain a 'Rental Dwelling License' from Provo City prior to final approval.

8. Upon final approval, you will sign an 'Agreement for Contracted Off-Campus Housing' and you are finished, for one year.

Of course there are hundreds of Provo condo units that are not intended for single BYU students. These range from economy complexes to high-end luxury developments and there are plenty of rental prospects including BYU married students and local residents.

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